Sunday, July 10, 2011

Justin Bieber's Hair Does Kinda Look Like a Mane

David Cassidy was my Justin Bieber.  I also vaguely remember wanting to marry Leif Garrett.  Thankfully, that never became a reality.  After seeing him on Celebrity Rehab, I'm quite certain I lucked out. Gah. I also remember that I would trade any Donny Osmond, Leif Garrett, David and Shaun Cassidy marriage proposal for a horse.  My bedroom walls were adorned with those great extra large Teen Beat Centerfolds.  By all appearances, I was normal.  Only my parents knew I was a crazy horse lady in the making. For hidden in my top dresser draw was a notebook filled with hundreds of my drawings and poems about horses.  I even owned all of Barbie's Horses.  Truth be told, I cared little for Barbie, but, her horses spent their days living on my night stand. I think I was around 14 when I started wondering why none of my friends wanted to play Barbie is a Horse Ranch Heiress anymore.

Book reports in school were also quite predictable.  If it wasn't about horses, it wasn't on my list of books to read.  I think I know more about Chincoteague Ponies that most historians.

When that day finally came and I could own a horse or two or eight horses (who's counting?), I was instantly transformed into a 10 year old girl.  I was so excited, I came close to passing out.  I'm wondering now if that raw emotion is what today's tweens feel for Justin Bieber?  Maybe they just don't know about horses?  No, that's just can't be it.  Perhaps we're now growing up much more quickly than we did in the 70's? Urban sprawl decreasing available pasture land? A vast and elaborate conspiracy by video game companies? Ok, I'm searching for answers.

This month, Northern Tack is running a contest that I'm sure will put my mind at ease about today's youth.  Entrants just have to tell us in 350 words or less why they love horses more than Justin Bieber.  They can go to our site CONTEST PAGE and fill in the submission form. The winner will make me feel like I'm 10 all over again.  And we'll give them a free Mountain Rope Halter ($21.99 Value) and 40% off of any purchase less than $50.00.  Wait.  Who's the winner here?  First, I didn't have a messy divorce from Leif Garret and now this.  Life is Good.

Valhoma Mountain Rope Halter ($21.99 Value)